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Dear co2019,

You may find the information on the new website – – helpful.  A few requirements have changed and forms are now online. Please don’t use the online forms. The new requirements do not apply to your class so check back to this site for requirements or contact your CD advisor.

Welcome to TUCOM Clinical Distinction Course.

Clinical Distinction is a self-directed experience which provides you the opportunity to improve your training and chances at residency attainment and readiness.

The Clinical Distinction Courses offer three opportunities to distinguish yourself as you prepare for Residency:

1.       Through a self-selected study program, you can deepen your love and competence in a chosen area, or broaden your horizons by exploring unfamiliar domains in health care.  Who knows, your study may even spark a passion that decides your future career.

2.       These courses are high yield for the MSPE part of your residency applications. You can enhance your profile by being of service, creating an innovative project or program, or acquiring distinctive skills and knowledge, the result of which informs this key section of your MSPE.

3.       These courses allow individual expression.  In your narrative evaluation, you are given the opportunity to shine. You can distinguish yourself in a language that residency directors will be looking for – competency and achievement.

 Your route to clinical distinction is up to you.  You’ll begin this process by taking a close look at your level of proficiency in the seven core competencies and your level of entrustability in 14 Core entrustable professional activities. These curricular tools will help you assess your residency readiness. (The EPA document only tells you about 13 of the EPAs, here’s information about the EPA 14 doc.

Everything else you need to choose your track, make your contract, and complete your narrative evaluations, is available in this website.  The website has two sections – the first tells you the How of Clinical Distinction and the second gives you resources and information about different Clinical Distinction Tracks.

You will complete two four week Clinical Distinction Rotations during your third year.

You may select one of the following types of tracks for Clinical Distinction:

  1. Specialty
  2. Generalist
  3. Board Success
  4. Clerkship Style
    • Clinical rotation selective
    • MPH Completion
    • Global Health
    • Research

Take your time to choose how you will use these two 4 week courses. Your choice should be based on your evaluation of your progress in the competencies first and then the subject area you want to explore. The EPAs will help you assess your learning as your complete your project. Be sure to read all of the first half of this website,   especially the pages  The Core Structure of Clinical Distinction Part I: BE THE BEST YOU, and The Core Structure of Clinical Distinction Part II: The Narrative Evaluation, and Physician Competencies – TUCOM Program Learning Outcomes before you decide. Then peruse the second half for ideas.

Course Advisors are here to help you make the most of the experience and help you achieve your goals.